So today we feature the work of Gustaf Swart on our blog, a keen minimalist, drawing his inspiration from that what is already around him. He shapes by combining imagination and some keen skills! Its an honor to feature him on our blog!  Find him on Instagram as @fatsugg, you will not regret it. May this serve as an inspiration to find beauty within the small things around us!

Fatsugg was invented when Gustaf wrote his name backwards. He draws digital line work using his finger and a free drawing app on his phone.

He has been dubbed an apophenic by some; Apophenia is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena.

He does not mind what you call him, he just hopes to inspire you when he turns bird shit into art. eg The Bush Baby.

All visual credit to @Fatsugg (Gustaf Swart)

Also thanks to Fanus Beegte for his photo and Stuart Dods for his face!