Think fluid in terms of branding.

Think fluid in terms of branding. Fluid? Why? An Identity System that encapsulates the characteristics of ‘fluidity’ enables the values of the brand to merge and access the intended recipient through various connection points - and is thus dynamic rather ...
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Durge EP release: Dirge

Durge EP release: Dirge Dirge (Noun) "A dirge is a somber song or lament expressing mourning or grief, such as would be appropriate for performance at a funeral." Durge have recently released their first EP titled Dirge into the world ...
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The Black Cat Bones probably stands as one of my favourite live bands to photograph within our music industry.  I just had to publish the press release for their newest music video "Turn of the Century" here. Epic music, amazing ...
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Towerjas Blog Fluid Identity

A bit more on fluid identity within design:

Fluid identity within design: Fluid identity speaks to the role of the visual elements within a product/service or brand. Fluid identity can change and keep up with the fast pace market without having to change the core value and symbol ...
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@Fatsugg (Epic Art!)

@Fatsugg (Epic Art!) So today we feature the work of Gustaf Swart on our blog, a keen minimalist, drawing his inspiration from that what is already around him. He shapes by combining imagination and some keen skills! Its an honor ...
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What is Adaptive Branding?

What is Adaptive Branding? Adaptive identity (Branding) is also often referred to as fluid identity, dynamic identity and liquid identity. It can be defined as a flexible identity, where the designer can constantly adapt and change “the identity” relative to ...
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